Aesop Rock Drops the Nicest Video of the Fall @AesopRockWins @Rhymesayers

Somehow, Asap Rocky got away with jacking his name from a better MC by the name of Aesop Rock. When Asap Rocky first came out, I had no idea what his appeal was. (Besides thinking everyone else was thinking it was Aesop Rock) Because I knew the dopeness of an MC that was Aesop Rock. Seriously, how did hip hop fans let this happen? And to add to that, I might be hating, but come on ASAP Rocky is trash and I honestly don’t even know one song by this dude. Not one f*cking song, I just had to google him to see what was up with him, and I had to google, Asap Rocky vs Aesop Rock, sure enough there was a video and these two have actually met. You can watch that video HERE.

But back to Aesop Rock, this dude has been putting out some of dopest underground music for years, and with the Rhymesayers backing him, if you don’t know him by now, I guess you are sleeping on one of the hottest in the game that you need to wake up on. Beats, Bars, Songs, and more, Aesop Rock is nice like good manners. So stop hitting the snooze button and realize you have a hip hop gem right here. Check out his new video which is probably one of the hottest videos to drop since summer ended!

Aesop Rock
Rob Sonic
Eric Swisher
Andrew Root

Director/Editor/8-bit Animator: Rob Shaw
Producer: Robert D’Esposito
Director of Photography: Rodrigo Melgarejo
Gaffer: Kevin Forrest
Steadicam Operator: Sam Naiman
Art Director: Emily Yurek
Animator: Neisje Morrell
Character Design: Alex Pardee
Additional Character Design: Mackenzie Peterson
Background Illustrator: Kamela Howard
DIT: Jim Birkett
Colorist: Orland Nutt
Production Assistant: Janie Faison
PA: Cypress Chvatal-Jones
PA: Alex McGregor

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