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Eazy-E’s Son in talks with Death Row!

TigerHoods September 13, 2012 No Comments
Eazy-E is the undisputed father of Gangster Rap and is one of the most influential people in the history of recorded music. In a controversial move, his son is now in talks with a record deal with Hoopla Worldwide that will allow his music to be released through Death Row, the once notorious arch-rival enemy to his pioneering father’s Ruthless Records.These shocking deal negotiations are being revealed on September 13th, 2012, which marks the sixteen year anniversary of the death of Tupac Shakur. This opportunity was brought to the table through Lisa Marcum of NWA Entertainment LLC and Jonathan Hay and Michael Bentley of Hoopla Worldwide. 

This new record deal would potentially release Lil Eazy-E‘s album through the Hoopla Worldwide / Death Row Entertainment imprint and will be exclusively distributed throughout all territories of the world through eOne Music.

Hoopla promises to make Lil Eazy-E’s album a top priority for the label and all their affiliates. Hoopla co-founder Jonathan Hay and VP Michael Bentley remarked, “I think both Eazy-E and Tupac are looking down and smiling on this. Everyone in our company has huge respect for Eazy-E, both as artist and as a businessman. We would be beyond honored to welcome Lil Eazy-E and we are very excited about the possibility for this album. We are going to use all of our resources and put all of our strength behind this project. Once again you are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge.”
It’s public knowledge that Suge Knight was once Eazy-E‘s most-hated villain, butKnight isn’t involved with Death Row anymore. However, the once controversial label remains intact through WIDEawake Entertainment‘s purchase of the company, as well as their entire catalogue, a few years ago for an estimated $18 Million. Much to the delight of Death Row fans worldwide, WIDEawake has since distributed unreleased music and reissued classic tracks from Death Row Records‘ back catalogue, a priceless vault which contains classic hits from some of Hip-Hop’s most historical artists.Surprisingly, Lil Eazy-E‘s album could soon follow, complete with the Death Row Records logo on the back cover — something most fans never imagined could happen.

The Money Gang, the NWA family and I would like to give respect and love toTupac Shakur and the Hoopla/WIDEawake/Death Row family. I’m excited to soon bring you a new generation of rap that will reign in and bring success like the oldRuthless/Death Row era.” - Lil Eazy-E
“I am excited about this possibility with Hoopla [Worldwide] in bringing together this Death Row/Ruthless saga, which is known as the biggest beef in rap history, into a new era with NWA Entertainment, bringing the fans what rap has been missing — real rap music. And what better way to do that than through Lil Eazy-E.” - Lisa Marcum of NWA Entertainment 

Additionally, Jonathan Hay is about to start shopping Lil Eazy-E’s memoir to major book publishers.

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