Fear the Deer! The Bucks Stop the Streak

As the rest of the association looked on..

Fear the Deer! The Bucks Stop the Streak

The Bucks did what they did to the Lakers in 1972, they stopped the team with the longest winning streak. Steph Curry and the Warriors came into the Cheese head state having won 24 out of 24 this season and 28 in a row since last year.

Yet, just like when the Lakers came into town in 1972 having won 33 in a row, both left with a L. For the Warriors it was the first loss of the year, and it stopped the streak.

The streak has been incredible, and had the Warriors won in Milwaukee they would have been the first team in the league to win 7 road games in a row. It wasn’t to be, and the Warriors head home with 1 loss.

It isn’t the end of the season for the Warriors and Interim Coach Luke Walton, and they will have to regroup and play more basketball.

It shouldn’t be hard for the defending champs, but time will tell how this streak plays out for Warriors.

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