For Luke Walton, 23-0 is Only Second Best Basketball Accomplishment

Being the son of one of the 50 greatest players of all time, Luke Walton, has often been overshadowed. He had a modest career in college with Arizona, and he became a Laker in 2003 as the 32nd pick or 2nd pick of the second round.

Again, Walton had a modest career with the Lakers never putting up big time numbers, but the greatest play of his career would happen when he was with the Lake Show.

In the first round of playoffs in 2006, Luke’s 8th seeded Lakers took on the 2nd seeded Suns. The Suns were the favorite in the series, and they would go on to win in 7 games. The famous game 7 that Kobe vanished like Houdini, but it was after a great series by the Mamba.

Kobe put the Lakers up in the series with some of the best play of his entire career.
In game 4, Kobe hit the game tying layup to send the game into OT and the game winner in OT.

Now Nash won back to back MVPs in 2005-2006, but if there is any question who the best player in the league was at the time, I have 81 reasons as to why it was number 8 on the Lakers.

That being said, the greatest play and accomplishment for Luke “Skywalker” Walton came in the OT of that game 4. Walton won the jump ball over Nash to set up Kobe’s now famous game winner.

Here is the video below check it out about 18 seconds in, and congrats to Luke on all his success this season. Maybe, just maybe the Lakers should look to Luke as a future head coach!

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