GOODboy iQue “Sleep Walking With A Pen” @goodboy_ique

New project from GOODboy iQue, read the bio and then stream/listen/download below!

“GOODboy iQue representing GOODboy Music, is a 23 year old rapper
from the DMV with a soulful mellow lyrical style with forceful
punchlines and wordplay. As a young kid Growing up in PG county
Maryland, iQue enjoyed battle rapping around the DC, Maryland and VA
area for respect. By rapping intelligent wordplay and punchlines he
earned the name iQue. From dropping out of college and getting kicked
out of trade school, iQue knew that rapping was his only path. At the
age of 18, iQue put out his first song called Trouble Sleeping, which
got a great response from people. From the reactions of putting out
this record, iQue felt that music was the best way to go as far
reaching his goals in giving people the same soothing feelings he got
when hearing the artist he grew up on like Michael Jackson, Hall &
Oates, Stevie Wonder and etc. iQue decided to give off that same old
school classic feeling in his music with incorporating his lyrical
style of rap. One year later, iQue decided not to battle rap anymore.
Instead iQue focused on making music and building his team that he
formed consisting of two other rappers named GOODboy theory and
GOODboy Galexie. A fierce lyrical squad calling themselves GOODboy
Music. iQue went around the DMV performing at different open mics.
From doing this and dropping his freshman tape titled “GBM”, iQue
built a small buzz and a strong anticipation for his Sophmore mixtape
“Sleep Walking With A Pen”.Sleep Walking With A Pen is a mixtape
filled with soothing and lyrical music with many concepts. The GOODboy
Music Movement is huge on the rise.”

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