Gucci Mane To Be Released July 11th

Back in 2013, Gucci Mane dealt with a series of unfortunate events, ending with him going to prison. Despite a bad year, Gucci Mane released more music than any other rapper in the game. In the year and a half since then, Gucci Mane has continued this trend.

Gucci Mane is a dominant force in the game, despite not being able to be out and about for close to two years. It’s unclear if Gucci Mane had this much music recorded, or if he gets to record behind bars. But, it’s almost as if Gucci Mane never left for prison.

Popular Atlanta radio personality, Lil Bankhead, gave the city some news they have been waiting on. When Gucci Mane was first sentenced to prison, it was said he would serve until December 2016. Since then, there have been many fake Gucci Mane prison release dates, but Lil Bankhead confirmed July 11 will be the true release date.

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