Introducing Coco Gotti …. Shaquana Mitchell @__Shaquana__


Meet Shaquana Mitchell aka Coco Gotti

Who is Coco Gotti?  Coco Gotti is one of the hottest models that nobody has never seen, I might say, the hottest model that nobody has seen YET.

Coco Gotti is Shaquana Mitchell. You might have seen her beauty booty toting an assault rifle in the Mobb Deep & Alchemist video, IMDKV.

Shaquana Coco Gotti Mobb Deep

If you missed her, don’t worry we did too, but that’s ok because grabbed the hottest photos we could find from all her social media and put together the best online gallery of Coco Gotti Shaquana Mitchell EVER for your viewing pleasure.

Follow her on twitter Shaquana Mitchell ….or even better follow her on instagram Shaquana Mitchell for updates from the sexiest chick with a pistol in the history of chicks with pistols…


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