Miami Police Had Rapper Stitches Listed As “Delusional Fan” of The Game

35 years ago last week, a crazy, deranged fan by the name of Mark David Chapman, shot and killed John Lennon. Lennon, who was one of the Beatles, was a man who sang of peace and hope, and he was killed by a nutcase fan in Chapman, a guy who after shooting Lennon, sat and read the book Catcher in the Rye until the police showed up.

Chapman was crazy, delusional, and out of his mind, and it appears that when Miami, Florida rapper, Stitches, whose real name is Phillip Katsabanis, was outside of a club earlier this month, the Miami Police Department had him quickly labelled as a ‘deranged, upset fan,’ of Compton rapper, The Game.

Katsabanis,(Stitches) was later knocked out outside a club at 136 Collins Ave. in Miami Beach. The police and two sheriffs were on the scene as well as 3 undercover officers who didn’t know what the wanna-be rapper would do if he saw The Game.

Katsabanis was searched for a gun, but police didn’t find one.

It was reported over the police scanners that Katsabanis might be out to harm people at the club that The Game was inside of celebrating his birthday. Katsabanis was denied entry into the venue because the club owner had seen something he had posted on social media.

A Miami Police officer speaking to us out of anonymity stated that law enforcement didn’t know what the issue was with Katsabanis, and they had speculation and/or rumors that he might carry out a shooting. Here is what he told us via a phone call:

“All we knew was that this kid was or use to be a major fan of the rapper that was inside performing in this club, and he wanted to make a name for himself by doing something violent. At that point we are just trying to do our job, and make sure that isn’t the case with this young individual. It’s crazy that we even had to jump to that extreme, but with the way things have gone with mass shootings, we can’t let anything of this nature slide. This person was advertising violence all over his social media guns that we see in other acts, and we had to take precaution.”

When asked if he found out what did go on that night this Miami officer said:

“I did. The same guy got knocked out, and then he came down here for the night. The funny thing is, we saw the video of him getting knocked out. We had a good laugh at it and this kid because he was really asking for trouble, had everybody on edge on what might happen because he was claiming to be a badass, and he got knocked out with one punch. A real tough guy. A few of the boys already worked with him or his family and knew he was all talk, but let’s just say we had that video of him walking like bambi, slipping on ice, on repeat.”

Miami Police Had Rapper Stitches Listed As “Delusional Fan” of The Game

More details are coming on the Stitches vs The Game….

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