Pinecone “Only Time” @Island_Earth

Now if you don’t know who Pinecone is, that’s ok, and if you don’t know his group, the Villebillies, that’s ok too. Now Pinecone is one of the best musicians out of the Derby City of Louisville, Kentucky, and for years all we ever heard from him was him wasting his time making shitty songs better with the Villebillies. I don’t mean that to bash the Villebillies because their music does that on it’s on, I mean that to say, this dude was really talented but he was in a country/rap group with some of the worst rappers ever. (Hey, even Jay-Z put out Memphis Bleek albums so we get wanted to help the homies out!)

Now it appears that Pinecone aka Demi is going to release a solo project, and if he can keep the rap features from his homies to a minimal not at all, then this will be one of the best indie albums of the year.

The album is on Island Earth Music, which is a record label seems to feature a bunch of groups that Pinecone carries on his back like Jesus did the cross.

Here is a look at his new video for a song off of that album called, Only Time.

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