Rapper who met With Obama Says There Will be Riots if Trump Wins 2016 Race

There are tons and tons of folks who are refusing to jump on the Trump Train for various reasons, but it seems only those coming from the left advocate committing acts of violence if The Donald becomes the presidential nominee.

Like rapper Tef Poe for example, who met with President Obama back in 2014 to discuss race, police brutality, and the Ferguson riots.

Poe has informed “white America” that black people will be “inciting riots everywhere we go” if Trump wins.

From Daily Wire:

According to Ebony, the activists said, “President Obama told us he was proud of us as a former community organizer. White House meeting shows this movement is working.”

Tef Poe reemerged this week to inform white people that if Trump wins, black people “are fully hell bent on inciting riots everywhere we go”…

The rapper deleted the tweet and then went on the defensive claiming he never tweeted it and that he’s now a victim of slander.

But the rapper tweeted this below and has yet to delete it…

Rapper who met With Obama Says There Will be Riots if Trump Wins 2016 Race

Tef Poe is not alone in the prediction of riots if Trump wins. Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors told MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry that “any opportunity we have to shut down a Republican convention, we will.”
We are living in some seriously scary times, people.

Wouldn’t it be grand if not every issue was twisted into some social justice rant against racism or something? I mean, I totally get not supporting Donald Trump and feeling he isn’t the right man for the job.

Threatening riots? Putting people in danger? Sorry, but that’s unacceptable.

It’s time for Americans of all races to stop playing into the hands of the radical left and their plots to divide us along racial lines, undoing all of the hard work of civil rights giants who came before us.

By all means, oppose Donald Trump. Protest against him and attempt to educate folks on why he isn’t the right candidate to lead our nation. Just do so peacefully. There’s no reason for anyone or anything to get damaged or hurt over a presidential election.

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