Sam Amick @sam_amick Writes Clickbait for USAToday, Slanders Kobe Bryant

This bullsh*t of a season is finally over for us Laker fans. The coach of our team, Coach Scott, was questionable if anything this year, and the growth of our young squad has been interesting to say the least. The Kobe farewell tour didn’t take my mind off of the fact that I lost a $1,000.00 bet to Greg Anthony that the Lakers would win 30 games. 30 games, really?

Roy Hibbert, the one time defensive monster in the middle, now looks like Uncle Fester, Julius Randle has shown signs of brilliance, but then shows signs that he can’t go right at all. I mean, literally, the kid can’t dribble with his right hand. Clarkson has been a bright spot, and sure I love how Nance Jr., wants to be the best defender, his athleticism is pure too. The pick they used on him? Probably a little too high.

Speaking of too high, let’s talk about D’Angelo Russell. Good old number 2. The #2 pick in last years draft. A bad pick in hindsight? Sure, but hindsight can be the mother of all evils if you dwell too long on the past. Karl Anthony Towns was a sure thing at #1, and at #3, sure Philly likes what they got, the Knicks got the steal of the draft which leads me to Phil Jackson and how he should of been making that pick for the Lakers and how much the Lakers would have loved Kristaps Porzingis. But that’s between the Lakers and the Buss family feud and Phil Jackson.

Back to D Russell. The first point is why in God’s name is the youngster hanging out with Nick Young off the court anyway? Regardless of the tape, of the snitching reports, of the other bs that comes with playing in Hollywood, why wouldn’t Russell be in the gym?

The video that Russell took was probably done in some sort of a fun way, but let’s go look at another teenager. A teen named Kobe Bryant who came into the league like Russell before he was twenty. Kobe wasn’t partying off the court with Corie Blount, who was on his team as a rookie. He wasn’t hanging out with Dennis Rodman off the court in his second season.

Kobe was in the gym. We all know this now. Kobe was working on his game. Did he put out rap songs, and mess around on his wife? Yes. Did he ‘snitch’ on Shaq after he was caught up in his own trouble in Colorado? Yes. Did that end Shaq’s marriage? No. Shaq’s cheating was known by his wife, heck, his wife got caught cheating on him. Well that’s another issue too.

Kobe didn’t even have friends early in his career with his teammates. Maybe because he still felt like that outsider that came to Philly from Italy, or maybe because he wanted to be better than all of them, or maybe because he is an assh*le. Who knows, but what we do know is that Kobe worked his ass off in the gym and watching tape.

Now….for somebody like Sam Amick a ‘writer’ for USAToday to come out and say the following:

“Years later, after the case against him was dropped and a civil suit was settled out of court with no admission of guilt from Bryant, agents of prominent NBA players would still cite the O’Neal subplot as the sort of sin that inspired their clients to steer clear of Laker Land”

Is pure speculation and/or grass chewed up, digested, and sh*tted out by cows cause it’s B*LLSH*T.

Chris Paul would have proudly signed with the Lakers if the trade went through. And yes I know that wasn’t a free agent, but still come on? Ron Artest wouldn’t have signed? Stop it.

Dwight Howard didn’t come to the Lakers because he thought Kobe might ‘snitch’ on him? Dwight Howard has 8 kids with 8 different women. Yes, he has 8 baby mommas. Do you think he was worried about who told on him, and that’s why he left the Lakers? If you believe that, I have a Golden Gate Bridge I can sell you.

Dwight came to the Lakers, and left because he isn’t a winner. He won in Orlando because of a system. A team system, a poor man’s Golden State Warrior’s type of system that let the open player take the best shot. Dwight rebounded and played defense. He never developed a post game.

Dwight still doesn’t have a post game, and he was coached by Mr. 52 moves in the post, Kevin Mchale, and trained with Hakeem the Dream in the offseason. Yet, he still couldn’t post up my sister and score 8 out of 10 times. (My sister is 5 foot even)

Who is the Free Agent that didn’t sign with the Lakers because of this so called snitching? Carmelo Anthony? Vince Carter? Tim Duncan? Grant Hill? Who?

Nobody. Amick made it up.

Look Amick doesn’t know a thing about the Lakers, past or present. He writes for USAToday and is trying to do what is called, ‘clickbait’ material to get his views up. He has never even talked one on one with Kobe Bean.

So I am calling a spade a spade and saying that what Sam Amick wrote is pure BS, and until he can prove a source, he’s a bs writer.

As for the Lakers and Russell? They both need to get rid of Nick Young. The Bulls offered us two front row seats and a bottle of Remy Martin for him last year. I bet he is worth even less now, but he hurts us even more being around the team.

Get rid of Nick Young. Now getting rid of Russell? The Lakers can try, but what is he worth and who would take him?

The Lakers have and had a good guard in Clarkson last year. He still is the future. He isn’t a superstar, but neither is Russell even though he wants to be. A superstar becomes a superstar in the gym like Kobe did, not dating celebrities like Nick Young tried to do.

The offseason really depends on the ping pong balls, and if those balls can bounce Cleveland’s way so many times in a row after Lebron left, I have to think they might bounce the Laker’s way after Kobe is gone.

More updates pending…..

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