TBT: Rhyme Related So Many Weapons

Throwback Edition:Rhyme Related was a rap group from the Kentuckiana area back in the early 2000’s when bars & wordplay still meant something to emcees and hip hop fans. Rhyme Related was two white MCs, Determind and Anonymous who were signed to Sharp as Razor Records. This song was on a compilation album that I actually owned a real physical CD over 10 years ago. I lost it and sadly lost some of the better songs that were on that album that I can’t find now. This song was really good both because of the classic hip hop beat and the lyrics that these two cats brought.

Now when you hear a song with a title like, “So Many Weapons,” it might suggest a song highlighting the the crews large amount of guns and ammo. This song isn’t about real guns and ammo, however, it is about these two cats flexing their rhyming skills as weapons. Showcasing that they have so many different styles and weapons on the microphone. It took me a listen or two to figure that out, but when I got it, it quickly became one of my favorite songs.

The beat kicks in and as the first verse starts it seems to be too many words in too short of an amount of time. It took me a long time to learn what this cat was actually spitting, and as he moves into the middle of the verse his flow gets a little offbeat for my liking. As the middle to end of the verse starts to develop and land back in the pocket, a listening can hear that this cat has some really ill bars. By the time his verse is finished, every single time, I go back to hear the last part. Peep the wordplay…

“..I can spit rhymes endless,
leave em speechless, defenseless, and senseless,
it’s academic, I spread illness like an epidemic
put you in a panic like a dynamic schizophrenic
even non-believers catch a fever
bring heat that can’t be read by fahrenheit
just might, pull the biscuit on the whole 1st district
go ballistic and leave em all a statistic
I can shit this is a rap symphony
living on in infamy”

That is solid sh*t right there, and as the beat drops into a piano portion before it kicks back I can remember getting chills listening to this song a decade ago. The crazy way music works.

The 2nd verse is solid from start to finish, and it even has a singing out part at the end that I think should have been the hook to the song!

Peep these bars from the second verse:

“..unstoppable, effectively, vocabulary complexity
killing off the pedigree of any dog who steps to me

destroy your back like ecstasy, exterminate your vertebrae
terminate the words you say..”

Then it ends out with the before mentioned singing type of hook…These Rhyme Related guys were actually pretty nice! I wish I knew which one was which, but either way they both brought the best out of their bars.

Sharp as a Razor Records and Rhyme Related fell victims to obscurity, but it makes you wonder what if, what if labels would have signed lyrical rappers instead of the garbage they did….?

Listen below and enjoy!


Editor’s Note June 23rd:

After an email, the second verse is by Anonymous, who later put out music solo under the name, Advercity, and the first verse is by Determind. Determind stopped using Determind and just went by his real name, Michael Barber. He was featured on the last Nappy Roots album for the song Sofa Bed, which we featured right here on DRP!

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