Venezuelan TV Host Gets Naked During Report About Cristiano Ronaldo and Playboy Model

It isn’t that hard to sell a report about Cristiano Ronaldo dating a Playboy model. Is it?

You wouldn’t think so. Any story about Ronaldo’s love life pretty much sells itself. But that didn’t stop Venezuelan TV host Yuvi Pallares from going the extra mile during a report about Ronaldo and Playboy model Daniella Chavez. The two are reportedly dating and, in order to report this bit of news, Pallares decided to get naked as she talked about it during a recent broadcast. Completely naked.

The whole thing was obviously staged (well, either that or Pallares has the quickest production team in the game working behind—and in this case, in front of—her). But Pallares managed to turn herself into the biggest star of the story thanks to her stunt.

Go ahead and watch her in action in the clip above. Even if you don’t understand Spanish/have no idea what she’s talking about, you’ll probably watch this more than once.

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